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Manufacturer of Orange Hanging Soap In Mumbai It can be kept near Wash basin for hand wash.
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Manufacturer of Detergent Paste In Mumbai Now it is easy to make Liquid soap by simply diluting this 500 grm. paste in 5 liters of water & Flavoured Liquid soap is ready for multipurpose cleaning. This is useful to clean all type of Kitchenware like Glassware, Stainless Steel, Melamine, Silverware. It also equally works to clean your flooring, bathroom, marble & granite flooring.
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Manufacturer of Body Line Shower Gel In Mumbai Total body washing system to pump up skin glow and bring back smooth texture with natural healing agents. Aloevera and lanoline keeps away bad body odour. Pleasant feeling round the day.
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Manufacturer of Zion Transperant Bathing Bar In Mumbai This is premium Bathing Soaps It is extremely mild and has excellent moistening properties. It even takes care of delicate skin. Available in different colour and flavour such as Natural, Spice, Sandal, Saffron, Citrus etc.
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Manufacturer of Stainless Steel Scrubber In Mumbai Ideal for utensils, Barbeque, dishes, Tiles, Bath Tubs, Machine Parts and Grillers. Smooth edges are safe for hands, made from stainless steel therefore it is Germ free and Rustproof. Contain more cleaning edges which remove dirt / grime quickly. It has tough and long lasting strength.