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Manufacturer of Differ Colour Fixer in Vikhroli It helps to stop Colour fading from Cotton fabrics during Washing
Manufacturer of Marble Cleaner in Vikhroli Description Product Description The special ingredient does beautiful cleaning to your precious flooring. It is free from harmful chemicals and environment friendly product. For sparkling cleaning of flooring recommended by Architects as a replacement to phenyl or cleaner. It is Eco Friendly product.
Manufacturer of Body Line Shower Gel in Vikhroli Description Product Description Total body washing system to pump up skin glow and bring back smooth texture with natural healing agents. Aloevera and lanoline keeps away bad body odour. Pleasant feeling round the day.
Manufacturer of Liquid Perfume Cleaner (Hand Wash Liquid) in Vikhroli Product Description Differ perfumed cleaner ensures general cleaning and high standard of Hygiene. It is ideal for every day use by every person of your family. It gives softness to your hands with pleasant fragnance. Description
Manufacturer of Concentrated Cleaner (Con. Phenyl) in Vikhroli Description Product Description It is useful for Homes, Offices, Factories, Hospitals etc. It effectively keeps the freshness in Toilet & Bathrooms whole surrounding. Effectively keeps Clean & Shines on your expensive Marble, Granites & Tiles. It is environment friendly & free from Harmful Chemicals and Safe on hand. Few drops are sufficient in half bucket water. It has Citronella oil (natural product) to get disinfectant property.